Yard Waste Collection

Unbundled Waste

Yard waste is collected on the same day as your refuse pickup. We will accept food scraps in yard waste. Leaves, grass, twigs and branches too small to bundle may be placed in a paper bag, box or disposal container and may not exceed 50 pounds in weight. Loose piles of grass or other waste will not be accepted.

Bundled Waste

Tree and shrub limbs must be bundled with biodegradable string or twine. Wire, tape or plastic are unacceptable binding materials. Bundles may not exceed 5 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter.


Yard waste / food scrap compost will be picked up once-a-week, on your regular pick-up day, at the curb April 1st through November 30th. Note: Some areas require stickers (please call us about a sticker) for yard waste pick up or a subscription to our yard waste program. Christmas/Holiday trees will be collected at the curb during your normal pickup day at no extra charge through January 15.

Curbside Leaf Vacuuming

Leaf vacuuming dates for 2019 are to-be-determined, please check your city, county, village, or town website for details. Dates may change due to weather conditions. We ask residents to rake their leaves all the way to the curb, which should be free of any parked vehicles in order to receive collection. To take advantage of this service, make sure your leaves are curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the specified days. Prairieland will be making one pass by every home located within the identified service areas.

One Time Leaf Vacuuming: We will perform one-time leaf vacuuming for a fee. Call us for details.

Please note in the above mentioned areas, Prairieland will not perform collection if branches / rocks / garbage are found mixed in with your leaves. Leaves that are put out after we have serviced the area or are prepared incorrectly will not be collected; however, you may take advantage of the unlimited yard waste program listed above on your normal service day. If you have questions on how to properly prepare your leaves, please call one of our customer service representatives at 1-847-381-9300.

Containers for Rent

Customers may rent organic disposal containers. Please contact us for details.

Fall Garden Clean Up Tips

  • Clean Up the Garden - Clear out any weeds, garden debris, spent vines and any fruits and vegetables that weren't picked rather than allowing them to remain over the winter. This will prevent your plot from becoming a winter haven for weeds, insect pests, and their eggs that could overrun your garden once springtime comes.
  • Add Soil Amendments - Fall is a great time to add compost, manure, mushroom soil and leaves to the garden bed. Doing this now allows plenty of time for the amendments to decompose and mellow before it's time to put sensitive seeds in the ground. If you're not sure what your soil needs, you can buy a soil test kit at your local hardware store or home center to see what your garden could benefit from.
  • Plant Leafy Fall Greens - Now that you have a clean and inviting space why not take advantage of it and plant a few fall veggies? Leafy greens such as lettuce, kale, collards, mustard and spinach grow right into the winter months and will provide additional healthy, chemical-free produce.
  • Weed - Weeding in the fall is probably the most valuable thing you can do to prepare for spring, and it's one thing that many people overlook. The good news: pulling weeds used to be a backbreaking chore, but today there are a variety of tools to make it easier and faster.