Commercial Services

Stable Manure Collection

Recycling Horse Manure, Livestock Manure, Animal Bedding

Prairieland is a firm believer in recycling animal waste and bedding. We cooperate with the University of Illinois Extension on the Great Lakes Water Quality funded project, "Changing Manure Streams."

If you've been stockpiling your horse or livestock manure, or if you're overwhelmed with used animal bedding, we can you help improve the environment and the health of your horse or livestock. Contact Prairieland Recycling and Disposal today to learn more.

Note: you may also recycle food scraps and other organics along with manure and animal bedding.

Benefits of Composting this material:

  • 100% of animal waste is recycled
  • Reduces flies and their larvae
  • Kills parasites and pathogens
  • Reduces odors
  • Kills weed seeds
  • Evens out grazing patterns
  • Protects water quality